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Early Innovations, LLC

Early Innovations, LLC was formed in early 2008 by Jeffrey Early while finishing his graduate degree at Oregon State University.

The first version of GPSPhotoLinker was written and released to the public in September 2004 as the first geotagger for the Macintosh (long before the term geotagging [wikipedia.org] was even coined). Originally written to realize a five year old personal need that had yet to be implemented, public demand quickly shaped the direction of development. In the meantime, many other geographic related projects have progressed and are slated for release sometime in 2009.

Early Innovations is run by software designer and programmer Jeffrey Early with help from his uncle, Brian Curtis, and mother, Sharon Early.

Jeffrey Early

Jeffrey is currently a graduate student at Oregon State University finishing his degree in physical oceanography. Raised in Juneau, Alaska he became an avid outdoorsman, enjoying hiking, mountain biking, running, kayaking and many other activities under the, preferably, overcast sky. Academically he has degrees in math and physics and generally enjoys solving difficult problems.


Brian Curtis

Brian, Jeffrey's uncle and Sharon's brother, lives near Bremerton, Washington. He is an avid high lake fisherman, passionate about the mountains and the wilderness. When he's not fishing he can be found managing the Trail Blazer's database, score keeping for his daughter's fastpitch softball team, whipping up a gourmet meal, or seeking out a geocache with his son.


Sharon Early

Sharon, Jeffrey's mom and Brian's sister, is retired and living in Juneau, Alaska. Formerly a public school teacher (favorite age group middle school) and university adjunct professor, she now enjoys acting in an occasional community theater play, dabbling with databases, has started biking again after many years and continues to hike, kayak, travel whenever possible. Oh, yes...and due to Jeffrey's new son she is, as of March 28, 2009, also a proud new grandma.


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