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Downloading from the GPS

PhotoLinker has included an unmodified version of the program gpsbabel [gpsbabel.org] to download tracks and waypoints from your GPS.

Note that some GPSs will mount in the Finder as a USB drive. In these cases you can typically find a GPX, TCX or NMEA (.log) file that you can drag directly onto PhotoLinker.

  1. Connect your GPS to your computer with USB or your USB-Serial adapter.
  2. Click the "Download" button on the toolbar to open a window with options for downloading from your GPS.
  3. Select your GPS receiver type and input source.
  4. Click "Download" and select a location to save the file.


If your GPS receiver is not supported by PhotoLinker, but is one of the supported GPS receivers on this list, then you can manually specify the input device. Choose custom from the popup menu and then manually enter the argument exactly as shown.

For more help or information you can visit the website of gpsbabel [gpsbabel.org].

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