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Macs and GPS receivers have had a rocky history, but the situation is quickly improving. We've been using GPS receivers with the Mac for over five years now and decided to share some of our experience. Here we provide a number of resources for GPS receivers, including our personal experience with a variety GPS receivers, as well as helpful links to other Mac related GPS sites and software.

GPS Receivers

We compiled information about our personal experience with a number of GPS receivers. This is the closest we come to answering the question "which GPS should I buy?".

Other Links

There are a number of other useful resources on the web.


MacMap [yahoo.com] is a mailing list "for users of Macintosh mapping and GPS (Global Positioning System) software and hardware." There are a number of very knowledgable people on the list, so if you have something to contribute or something to ask, you may find this list useful.

There is also a wiki [pbwiki.com] associated with the mailing list.


Ever so slowly Garmin is getting better support for the Macintosh. You are now able to upload maps and download tracks using their software. They have a dedicated mac [garmin.com] webpage which contains links to all of their mac specific software.

Garmin also tags mac specific new on their blog [blogs.com], so it can be worth checking from time-to-time.

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